Hello! I'm Chelsea, the maker and founder of pine + jasper. I'm so glad you're here!

I made my first wooden sign back in 2016 with no idea my fun side project would grow in to my full time job today. Beaded bracelets came next in 2019 as a way to introduce my love for crystals. Soon after I began hand selecting and offering beautiful crystals from all over the world.

Ethically sourcing is a top priority for me and I have spent many hours searching for and connecting with families all over the world. Know that your purchases are not only supporting my small business, but theirs as well.  ♡

I am a momma to a senior dog & two cats, houseplant lover and homebody that enjoys recharging at the beach or getting lost in the desert. One of the best parts of creating this business has been the lovely connections I've made with you all. Please never hesitate to reach out!  ♡